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Prime Minister Li Keqiang encouraged installing elevator
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Date: 2018-03-17
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At the first meeting of the thirteen National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang made a clear proposal in the government work report: "promote the village in the city in an orderly way, reform the old and old communities, improve the supporting facilities, and encourage installation of elevators."

It means that the installation of elevators in old buildings is a livelihood project. The government has attached great importance to it. If the old buildings need to be installed with elevators, the government will provide strongly support.
Recently, some provinces and cities of the National Elevator subsidy have been announced, and the recent subsidy policies in Foshan and Guangzhou have also fallen to the top of the list, which is known as the list of the most famous subsidies in Guangzhou.

BeijingMaximum subsidy 24

ShandongMaximum subsidy 25万

HefeiSubsidy amount is 25万元

ChongqingMaximum subsidy 25万

shanghaiSubsidy amount is 24万

HangzhouSubsidy amount is 20万

NanjingMaximum subsidy 20万

XiamenMaximum subsidy 22万

SichuanMaximum subsidy 20万

NanjingMaximum subsidy 20万

Xi anSubsidy amount is 15万

FuzhouMaximum subsidy 10万

GuangzhouSubsidy amount is 10万

Huizhou:Subsidy amount is 5万


Chancheng District


Chancheng District


Gaoming Kimtai Garden

JFUJI Elevator old building elevator installing with six promises:

free from worry  




save time 


Chancheng Disrict

The biggest advantage of the old building elevator installation in JFUJI Elevator is reflected in its service:

Providing professional one-stop service: because the old building is equipped with elevators involved in many fields and government departments, the other companies in Foshan are only responsible for the elevator ,while the construction of the hositway is done by the other third parties, then the construction report need to be finish by the owner, who are not familiar with the rules and regulations and procedures, and run a lot of injustice which is in vain. At the same time, due to incomplete submission of information, many times the government's resources have been wasted and the workload of the staff has been increased.

JFUJI Elevator provides from the regulations and policy guidance, site survey, project design, Agency registration, examination and approval, organization and construction, elevator selection, installation of the maintenance of the whole - stop service.

Chancheng District New Huayi Decoration Material City

For the whole project, only three things need to be done by the owner:
1.The owner's signature of the number and area of the unit building above 2/3.

2.Collect the ID card and property copy of the owner above 2/3.

3.According to the situation, we provide several sets of plans with the regulations for the owners to select the confirmation. The owner only need to confirm the cost of the project and sign the contract. All the rest of us will do it (the owner only needs to cooperate in the examination and approval process of the report construction).

Our mission:

To provide customers with a more secure load,
realize dreams for employees and business enterprise

Our service standards:

Install an elevator and serve for lifetime!
Our product concept:

Quality is the life of the enterprise!

24 hour service hotline: 400-0088932

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