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Mechanical doctor----Lin HaiQin
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Date: 2018-02-07
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Author: 佚名

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In JFUJI Elevator, there are always some people who move you, and there are always things that motivate people. They are ordinary, but they do a wonderful job in the ordinary post, and they infect the colleagues around them. They give devotion to theirs’ professional and their job


In the past, when there are something wrong with the equipment which need a large amount of money to be repaired, but the factory had saved such cost since he came. He is Lin Haiqin, and some colleagues call him "mechanical doctor".

Lin Haiqin, who works in JFuji elevator for only 3 years, with the love of machinery, good turnover, willing to work hard, from when the first ordinary electrician, rapid growth into mechanical equipment maintenance monitor.


Just enter the factory, although simply doing electrical work, but Lin Haiqin did not muddle along, he good brains and solve problems. Only a few days after work, he found that there was a big hidden danger in the factory's electric room. The capacity of the transformer could not bear the increasing equipment load of the factory. Once the electric room strike, the consequences were unthinkable. Sure enough, after his proposal, factory leaders realize the seriousness, agreed to immediately re transformation of the electric room. So far, the real electric capacity increasing has safe operation, in recent years, there have been no accident. Thanks to the forest Haiqin two golden eyes, even small things he did not miss.


Lin Hai Qin can judge whether there is any malfunction by its voice.

Only 3 years, only the "electricity" this field, he found a lot of problems, such as electric boxes, wire layout is not standard, operation is not smooth and other problems, Lin Haiqin was straightened up and standardized management, never appeared a phenomenon of fire.

Over the past 3 years, countless things he has done to solve and improve his work has been most gratifying to him that the factory has saved a lot of money for maintenance. Now, although the whole plant's water and electricity still belong to him, he is not just an electrician. Because of his good learning, he will learn, the factory puts all the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment on his shoulder. From then on, the burden was heavy, his work was busier, and his working hours were later. He often came home from work after 8 o'clock in the evening, which was much harder than working in the original company..


 After Lin Haiqin’s  transformation, the electric house without any malfunction for 3 years.

Lin Haiqin works in JFuji elevator very occasionally, he worked in the Nanhai Dali, income is also good, but far from home and can't take care of the family, so that is finally chose here. He said he thought he could not do this work in JFUJI Elevator for a long time. What he did not think of that the leader of the company trusted him very much. He boldly let a small electrician give full play to his talents and give him a chance to grow up.

In the past, when something wrong with the equipment of the factory ,factory choose to door-to-door repair, Lin Hai Qin has secretly counted, one machine strike a few times every year, invites the person to repair one time spending thousands yuan, there are so many machine in factory, how much the cost. Moreover, we invite people to come to the maintenance and be passive, dragging the production progress. Lin haqin is determined to learn how to repair and increase the source and reduce expenditure for the factory.


Lin’s office

From childhood to the machinery of interest, every time when people go to factory for door-to-door maintenance, Lin Haiqin likes to secretly follow the master to learn machine and maintenance, silently memorize every program. In order to verify his own technology, he sometimes even disassembled the machine to learn to dress, not once, twice or three times. A lot of work is done by Lin Haiqin.

Lin Haiqin, who learns the technology,when the crane is broken, he works overtime to repair it at the fastest speed, wins the time, saves money, and more important, does not affect production. Because of Lin Haiqin's efforts, the outsource of the crane maintenance and maintenance has been cancelled 1 years ago. It is only a crane, which saves thousands of yuan maintenance costs for a year.


Lin Haiqin improved  more durable machine

The first line workers in the factory are a few radishes, and one person is doing many jobs. Lin Haiqin has a bold plan, that is, the factory's molding machine from the original manual operation, to complete automatic operation, so that the factory can also reduce the cost of labor. At present, the modified materials have been bought back gradually. After the Spring Festival, Lin Haiqin can improve his mechanical equipment.

Lin Haiqin said, he can grow up, thanks the JFuji elevator leadership for his cultivation, the biggest reason why he stay here is that JFuji elevator continues to grow and develop, resolute the determination to take root.

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