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Happiness is achieved through hard work
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Date: 2018-01-04
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Author: 佚名
President Xi JinPing said in greetings of the Lunar Year, Happiness is achieved through hard work.

resident  Xi JinPing said in greetings of the Lunar Year, Happiness is achieved through hard work. All the staff of JFUJI elevator feel heart-warming ,excited and deeply touched by the greetings. In the new year, everyone are devoted to production and work with a high spirited spirit. Working for the sweet life of your family is happiness as a part of JFUJI elevator.

In the workshop, the front-line workers can be seen everywhere.

Party branch secretary Mai Haimei supervised and controlled the details of production.



Since 2014,this is president Xi JinPing's New Year greetings in fifth years. The greetings of ever year are inspiring and popular.“Quite strenuous”in 2015,“A better life for tens of millions of poor people in rural regions is dear to my heart.”in 2016,“Roll up our sleeves to work harder”in 2017, until “Happiness is achieved through hard work”,“Avoid the distractions of unsubstantial ideas and superficial fame” in 2018...

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